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  Laminator PVC Card (CY300D)
  PVC Card Laminating / Fusing Machine CY A4
 Manual PVC Card Cutter
  Embosser (Common + MV Characters)
  Teslin (Synthetic printing sheet)
  Inkjet PVC Sheet (White/Silver/Gold)
  Instant card (Inkjet Printable) 800 mic
  Cards and Material
  Overlay Polycarbonate 75 micron - 125 micron
  Reem Paper Cutter Qz310
  A3 / A4 Trimmer (Wooden / Metal)
  Continous Ink Supply System
  Smart Card LED Printer
  Smart Card NON-LED Printer

1. Credential such an ID cards, visiting cards, photographs, driving licenses, certificate and some important blueprints should be kept in laminating film against moisture or water.

2. Equipped with infrared heating system, the machine has the characteristics of rapid and even hearing and can start working properly in 3 minutes after being turned on.

3. The IC temperature control system provides you with high precise temperature control and convenient attemper.

4. Cool-mounting can easily be achieved simply by turning off the heating system and stopping heating.

Model: RL-32 Model: RL-14
Power 600 W Power Consumption: 600W
Voltage: 220V/50Hz Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Speed: 400~1300mm/min(adjustable) Laminating Speed: 600mm/min

Laminating Temp. 110-200 degree(can be adjustable)

Thickness Range: <1.2mm Laminating Thickness: 500mm X 240mm X 92mm
Dimension: 505mm X 250mm X 110mm Machine Size: 500mm X 240mm X 92mm
Laminating Width (Max.): 330mm Laminating Width: 330mm
Rollers: 4 Rollers: 4
Weight 13kg Net Weight: 8.5kg

Laminator PVC Card (CY300D)
1. It is to make all the kinds of characters certifications, cards and the non-contact PVC cards of IC, ID and so on.

2. Durable for use to its precisely processed parts, luxury and nature are stabilization.

3. Computer CMOS chip for intelligent control for automatic heating, temperature keeping, cooling and warming.

Model CY 300S CY300D
Laminating Area 100mmx120mm 100
Specification PVC Card 100 100
Once lamination Number 10 Layer 10 Layer
Once lamination Number 10 Layer 20 Layer
Power Supply

200V+10%, 50HZ; 1000W single-phase AC220V;50HZ;100W

200V+10%, 50HZ; 1000W single-phase AC220V;50HZ;100W
Pressure Mode Hand wheel + Pressure bar Hand wheel + Pressure bar
Control Mode Intelligent automatic
heating - constant
Intelligent automatic
heating constant
Net Weight 50Kg 60Kg
Size (mm) 480x275x590mm 480x275x590mm

PVC Card Laminating / Fusing Machine CY A4
1. It is suit to make all the kinds of characters certifications, cards and the non-contact PVC cards of IC, ID and so on.

2. Durable for use to its precisely processed parts, luxury and nature are stabilization.

3. Computer CMOS chip for intelligent control for automatic heating, temperature keeping, cooling and warming.

4. Manual hydraulic pressure for improve the quality of laminating.

model CY -A4
Max. laminating area 300mmx210mm
Once-Laminating layers 10 Layers
Power Supply AC220V: 50HZ
Laminating Mode

Manual Hydraulic

Pressure 0-80kg/cm2
Range of Laminating time 0-199.c
Pressure 0.59.5min
Heating Laminating 5000W
Control Mode Intelligent automatic heating – constant temperature – water cooling - alarm
Net weight 168kg.
Size (mm) 550x450x1050mm

Manual PVC Die-Cutter
Punch size: 85.7*54mm
Punch thickness: 0.1-0.8mm

Bench Electric PVC Card Cutter

Technique parameter:
Punch size: 86*54mm
Material width: 110mm
Punch thickness: 0.1-1.5mm
Punch speed: 1000pcs/hour
Power supply: Ac220

Embosser (Common + MV Characters)

It not only owns the common embosser functions, but also plus Master Card/Visa characters.

Technological parameter:
1. Character choose method: Chrysanthemum turn plate Character size: International card size

2. There're 68 characters on the embosser all details as follow:

3. Space: Two shifted:
1/10 inch (Only be suitable to the Small letters)
1/7 inch

4. Method type: Manual

5. Press indication: Indicate needle or mold card

Small letters (48 characters)
English Letters: A-----Z
Small Numberals:0-----9
Revise Flatten:

Capital letters, (total 20 characters)
Big Numerals: 0-9
Big Symbols: _/ ()
Plus: N O M V
Revise Flatten:
Note: M (Master Cards), V (Vista cards)

Teslin (Synthetic printing sheet)
  • Laser Printable
  • Inkjet Printable
When Inkjet Needs to be WATERPROOF try New TESLIN* Inkjet Synthetic Printing Sheet

A new material for inkjet printing applications, Teslin sheet is specifically designed for inkjet printing processes. It is optimized for aqueous dye-based inkjet narrow and wide format applications. This unique sheet allows printing of waterproof projects on inkjet printers. It dries rapidly and can be printed on both sides.

This unique combination is ideal for inkjet applications requiring waterproof durability:

•  Maps
•  manuals   
•  banners     
•  trade show graphics
•  and other demanding applications  

It produces high quality printing on a synthetic material. The porous nature of the material renders it highly absorbent, allowing inks to set almost instantly. Inks the surface and anchor them in the sheet's structure, yielding superb print definition and pigment holdout.

Rugged as the African rhino, Teslin® sheet made for durable applications and harsh environments so it's perfect for labels, ID cards tags. It can washed and even steam-pressed. And ruggedness provides abrasion resistance during packing and shipping. Teslin® also is bright white and features excellent opacity and it die cuts.

The fact that Teslin® sheet is waterproof makes it the material to use for a range of special applications; large and small; including banners, pennants, maps, and point-of-purchase materials. Like the penguin, Teslin® may be stitched and grommet, banners can lay flat, drape and roll.

Separating a laminated Teslin® sheet bond would be like prying a baby kangaroo from its mother – impossible. Teslin is the most secure bonding material that exists for toners, inks, adhesives, coatings, and laminating films of all types. The lamination peel strength of Teslin is between two and six times that of coated or other synthetic stocks. It requires no edge seal to produce a durable, tamper-proof piece. For identification cards, licenses and important travel documents, Teslin® remains secure.

Printable, durable, waterproof, and secure: these characteristics together create the sheet's chameleon-like adaptability to a broad array of applications. Teslin® sheet is amazingly versatile. It's compatible with virtually every printing process. You may print fixed information offset or flexo. Later, you may add variable information with thermal transfer, laser, or ink jet. Teslin® has kept pace with new developments in printing.

Telin® sheet bonds so tightly with laminating films that it renders licenses, voter ID CARDS, passports and visas virtually tamper-proof.

Superior bonding strength; flexibility to withstand expansion contraction when filling and shipping: Teslin® sheet has the proper ingredients for LABELING.

Inkjet PVC Sheet (White/Silver/Gold)
Digital inkjet printing sheets series include common digital inkjet printing PVC sheet, water resistant inkjet printing PVC sheet and transparent inkjet printing PVC sheet, surface of the sheet is printable with color inkjet printers, meantime it can be screen printed and offset printed, when laminated, strong bonding strength is created between sheets digital sheet surface and coated film as well as between sheets, as a breakthrough of individualized card making and short run card production, this new technology simplified the process and lowers down the cost.

Using method
Inkjet print on the matt surface of the sheet

Common digital inkjet printing PVC sheet: Simpler production process, no plate making or traditional printing process required. Clear image, vivid color, Excellent durability Wide range of utilizations, applicable for individualized cards, and short run cards making Environment friendly, no solvent or gas discharged. Water resistant inkjet printing PVC sheet: Finished cards can keep their quality in water for more than 20 hours. It ensures long life of the cards. High bonding strength provided after laminated with coated overlay. Image's smearing and distortion problem in high humidity resolved. It can combine traditional printing and individualized printing working efficiency enhanced and cost cut down.

Main Technical Parameters Working Condition
Size: According to customer's requirement Environmental humidity lower than 60%
Thickness: 0.3mm 0.2mm 0.15mm Laminate after drying of the ink
Laminating temperature Storage
100-1400C Sealed, moisture proof under 40

Instant card (Inkjet Printable) 800 mic

Instant Card is a special glossy Card making material, printable directly by common inkjet printer (preferable Epson R series).

1. High glossy and water resistance
2. No special card making equipment required.
3. Printing resolution 1440 dpi humidity less than 70%
4. Physical property is same as laminated cards.

  • Available size: 54mm x 85.6mm x 0.8 micron.
  • Single/double side printable.

Cards and Material

  • Magnet Strip Card
  • ID Card (time Keeper)
  • Blank Cards (0.80mm)
  • Scratch Label
  • Mifair Card
  • Magnet Strip
  • I.C. Card

Overlay Polycarbonate 75 micron - 125 micron

PVC Overlay 80 micron - 100 micron
Laser Printable Polycarbonate Sheet 75 micron - 125 micron

Reem Paper Cutter Qz310
1. It is suitable for cutting of press work like diverse sheets, books, periodicals, cards as leather products in medium small-sized printing houses, libraries, factories, mines, etc.

2. This product is free from power, therefore is safe to use, it is the latest mini desk-top slitter in the domestic marker.

Available size A-3, A-4

A3 / A4 Trimmer (Wooden / Metal)
The trimmer can cut the photograph paper, rigid PVC/PET sheet, film, etc! It is made from high quality steel and best quality of wood which can guarantee a long life-span use!

Available size A-3, A-4 (wooden or Metal)

Continous Ink Supply System

Specification: 100ml/bottle
It is known to all, the development of ink-jet printer is very wonderful! Cost : The ink-jet printer used in the market now, ink will cost 3000/- to by the original 6 color ink, if you use our ink system, the ink cost will only be 0.50 Paisa to Rs.1/-per A-4 sheet, it is useful to the customer who want to purse large printing and good quality.

There is no break of ink, the quality is very good?
The depletion of system environmental protection, decrease ink and ink box, ink not easily wasted, developing 100% efficiencies can print a great deal of diagram text in a row, do not need a wave to take a lot of time in spray a head to sweep with test. Because clean to reduce with test number of times, hence postpone to spray a life span

The advantage of the ink system:
Utility (2) don't broke a printer to don't need to replace ink box to assist with the permanent chip, didn't to decode do once and for all. Can circulate to add ink convenience credibility

Adjusted type:
The EPSON system ink -jet printer

Adjusted group:
The colorful image portrait of the manufacture figures of the printing advertisement manufacture repairs to decorate etc. profession

There is no need for you to worry about changing ink, and problems as block, once fixed forever use!


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Smart Card LED Printer

Smart Card NON-LED Printer

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